Heavy Rotation 2005

von Armin

When I started contributing to the Top 5 Weblog (a German weblog with, you guessed correctly, Top 5 lists) Schuer told me: Viel Spaß, lass’ dich ordentlich aus im Blog. Auch mal auf Englisch, wenn du willst. Today I’m going to take him up on that, in particular the second part. I’m crossposting the entry on my own blog as well as the Top 5 blog, in English. But now to the real topic of this entry, my Top 5 albums of this year:

I have to say that I haven’t really bought that many CDs this year, may be 10-15, so the choice wasn’t that difficult. Sorry Einbecker, but apart from may be two or three songs Don’t Believe The Truth from Oasis was crap. Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm was better but still didn’t make the list. Anyway, without further ado, here’s my list, the CDs on heavy rotation in 2005 (and probably 2006):

  • 5. Teenage Fanclub: Man-Made

    Admittedly one of their weaker CDs (and therefore only #5), but still, it’s Teenage Fanclub. A Top 5 without Teenage Fanclub just wouldn’t be complete. I’d say Man-Made is a fairly mellow album with more great melodies from my favourite Glaswegian band, the opener It’s All In My Mind being one of my favourites.

  • 4. Idlewild: Warnings/Promises

    Love Steals Us From Loneliness was the single from Warnings/Promises, my favourite was Welcome Home. Lots of guitars and warm melodies in the style I like on this album.

  • 3. The Raveonettes: Pretty In Black

    A large part of my soundtrack of this summer, in particular the single Love In A Trashcan by this Danish duo. But Pretty In Black also has other great songs like My Boyfriend’s Back, Here Comes Mary and Twilight. Some faster, some slower. Some more guitar, some more synth. Some of them reminding me of film noir.

  • 2. Maxïmo Park: A Certain Trigger

    I discovered this fairly late in the year, but it has been on heavy rotation since. A Certain Trigger has almost no song where I hit the skip button and I find it difficult to name a favourite song on it. If pressed I’d probably opt for either Going Missing or The Coast Is Always Changing (the latter among other for the use of the word ‘riposte’, a lovely word)

  • 1. The Cardigans: Super Extra Gravity

    I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer started it all off. What a song to announce the new album with! And Super Extra Gravity has more of the same. Godspell and Give Me Your Eyes, not to forget the slower And Then You Kissed Me II to name a few on this very dark album. Sweden has more to offer than Abba.

Who will make it on to my list next year? Non-European bands are missing completely from it this year, which has two Scottish, one Geordie, one Danish and one Swedish band. And how many of these bands will follow up with another excellent album and be on my list again?

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  • Schür (Team) am 22.12.2005  #1

    I may remark that Don’t believe.. has become my favourite Oasis album. Turn Up The Sun, Lyla, Love Like A Bomb – especially this one! – Importance Of Being Idle, Guess God Thinks.., Part Of.., ..Dream Alive and finally Let There Be Love.. a holy bunch of great songs! Did you already deep listen? It’s one of these albums you have to keep for a while before hearing the beauty.

    Maybe I start iTunes with your top 5s while having my spaghetti-pesto-thing and waiting for the next coffee.

  • Schür (Team) am 22.12.2005  #2

    Btw, Einbecker has gone for xmas and all. Won’t be back in 05.

  • Armin am 22.12.2005  #3

    Aah, so we can take over here with Einbecker gone ;-)

    I don’t know, the only song on the Oasis album I found interesting was The Importance of Being Idle (I think that was the one). Most of the rest just sounded like fillers, I just couldn’t get anything from them despite listening to it repeatedly this summer.

  • Schür (Team) am 24.12.2005  #4

    Yeah, let’s take over, Armin! But first on I have to do the christmas tree thingy and stuff. Same with you as we can read in your blog. So let’s meet again in a few days..

    Wir wünschen uns und allen Lesern die besten Weihnachten ever, so wie jedes Jahr, und provisorisch alles Gute für 2006, falls hier vorher nichts mehr passiert! Soll ein ganz großartiges Jahr werden, das 2006er, so munkelt man.

    P.S.: Ach, und selten haben wir uns hier in der Top 5-Redaktion so derartig abgelacht wie über diesen Blondinenwitz, den Gerrit aufgetan hat. Großartig, aber lest selbst.

  • Schuer am 18.08.2006  #5

    Ich merk schon wieder Weihnachten kommen..

  • einbecker (Team) am 23.08.2006  #6


  • Armin (Autor) am 23.08.2006  #7


  • Schuer am 24.08.2006  #8

    Weihnachten. Kennt ihr doch. Lebkuchen, Lichterketten, Christkind.. kommt bald wieder.

  • Armin (Autor) am 24.08.2006  #9

    Beim Shopblogger habe ich neulich gelesen dass er jetzt schon die Bestellungen fuer Ostern 2007 aufgeben muss.

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